Vrindavan Tourism

Vrindavan is considered as one of the most sacred place one can visit in India. Situated in Mathura District in UP, the town of Vrindavan is about 10 km away from Mathura. The town is known for being the birthplace of Lord Krishna. There are quite a lot of temples in this holy town and all of the temples are dedicated to worship of Lord Krishna and Radha. That is why it can be heaven for all people who like to visit religious places. There is a certain thing about this place as many people have said to feel quite different right after setting foot to this holy place. Scientifically, it can’t be described but there are things beyond science after all! The town is visually quite beautiful too.

Tourism in Brindaban UP

Major Tourist Attractions of Vrindavan

Jaigurudev Temple

This is one of the most beautiful temples in the holy town of Vrindavan. The temple, has its resemblance to Taj Mahal, is built with white marble. There is significant thing about this temple that non-vegetarian people are not allowed to make any donation here. This temple is also known as “Naam Yog Sadhna Mandir".

The Kesi Ghat

There is a fascinating story about this place. This place is considered as one of the holiest site of Vrindavan because Lord Krishna killed the demon called Kesi here, who used to be appeared in the form of a gigantic horse. The demon was also a friend of evil king Kansa who was also killed by Lord Krishna. Every evening an aarti to Yamuna Devi is arranged here. The Kesi ghat is situated on the bank of Yamuna River, which makes in another breathtakingly beautiful sight for the visitors.

Banke Bihari Temple

Banke Bihari Temple
This is the most popular temple in Vrindavan. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Swami Haridas established the temple. He is the Guru of famous singer Tansen. The word ‘Banke’ means bent and the word ‘Bihari’ means enjoyer. There is a Tribhanga (three ways) posture idol of Krishna inside the temple which implies the actual meaning of Banke Bihari, which is lord Krishna, is bent in three separate places. Many festivals, Jhulan Yatra most prominently are celebrated in this temple in the honor of Lord Krishna. The temple has a slightly different schedule for the aartis of summer and winter.

Govind Dev Temple

The Govind Dev temple has to be the second most important temple in the religious town of Vrindavan. In 1590, Raja Man Singh constructed this temple after he met with Rupa Gosvami who was a famous philosopher of the Vaishnav tradition. This seven-storey temple, made with red sandstone, has quite some resemblances with the European cathedrals in terms of shape. At present the temple remains empty as there is a new Govind Deva Mandir which is considerably smaller compared to this one, where the replica of Govind Deva is worshiped.


ISKCON TempleISKCON means International society for Krishna Consciousness which was founded in 1966 in New York City by Swami Prabhupada. There are ISKCON temples in several Indian cities and Vrindavan has one of them. The ISKCON temple here is known as the Krishna Balaram Mandir. It was established in 1975 under the order of Swami Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON. Needless to say, it is one of the most popular Vrindavan temples. It is big in size and extremely beautiful in terms of looks and considered to be quite a grand site for the eyes. The prime deities of this temple are Lord Krishna and his elder brother Balarama. Radha Krishna with Gopi, Vishakha and Lalita stands on the right alter while there is an idol of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu with Nityananda on the left alter.

Rang ji Mandir

Rang ji Mandir was built back in 1851. It is a rare south Indian temple which is situated in the northern part of India. It houses a seven-storey gopuram. A 50-feet-high chariot is taken out every year during the festivals. There is also a gold-plated pillar of 50-feet-height in the temple's courtyard called “Dhwaja Stambha”. The temple carries traces of south Indian architecture all over it because of its south Indian origin.

Seva Kunj

Seva Kunj
Also known as the Nikunj Van (forest), Seva Kunj is the forest where there is a temple inside which was built as a homage to Radha Krishna. The myth about this forest is Lord Krishna used to visit place every night with Radha. The temple is decorated remembering them as there are paintings of Radha-Krishna leela (the glory of their love) all over the walls which look very pretty. A lot of tulsi (Holy Basil) tress are planted inside Seva Kunj.

Radha Ballabh Mandir

Shri Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu was the founder of Radha Ballabh Mandir. The idol of Radha Ballabh Lal implies Lord Krishna and Radha to be symbolised together. It carries the message of ‘one soul and two bodies’. This is one of the must go places in Vrindavan.

Radha Raman Mandir

This ancient Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna as Radha Raman. The word Ramana means ‘lover’. It was established around the year 1542 after Gopala Bhatta Goswami requested for this temple. It is one of the most beautifully crafted temples in Vrindavan. There is a saligram (sacred stone) deity of Lord Krishna which can be seen inside the temple, alongside Radharani. This temple carries the style of Rajasthani architecture.

Must do Activities for Tourists in Vrindavan

Brahmotsava Festival

This festival is celebrated for 10 days around February/March. This is the biggest festival in Vrindavan which draws nearly 1 lakh visitors. The main festive day is called Rath ka mela, when a giant chariot of the Rangji temple is pulled outside to the garden. This is certainly the best time to visit Vrindavan.

Evening Aarti

The evening Aarti (known as Sandhya Aarti) is one of the most beautiful things in Vrindavan. The aarti is held at the ISKCON temple at 7 pm during summer season, 6.30 pm every day during the winter. A lot of dancing, chanting and singing happens throughout the aarti which can be quite a unique experience for a tourist.

Doing the Parikrama

Parikrama means roaming around a certain place. In Vrindavan, it is the three-hour walk performed by pilgrims which circles the whole city. The distance is around 6 km and the best time of starting this is the early morning from the ISKCON temple.

Visiting Nidhi Van

The fact about Nidhi Van is Lord Krishna used to rest here with Radha. There is a bed inside the shrine and every evening the priests decorate the bed with flowers. The popular belief about this place is every day after the dusk Lord Krishna still visits this place along with Radha. This makes the place mysterious as well as fascinating that is why every tourist visiting Vrindavan must go to Nidhi Van to have some mythical experience.

Travelling around Vrindavan

As Vrindavan is an ancient town it is pretty congested inside. That is why the best way to roam around this holy city is riding on cycle rickshaw. A cycle rickshaw ride from ISKCON temple to Banke Bihari temple costs only Rs 20 per person which is quite nominal. It is recommended that the tourist hire a guide which will make travelling and visiting temple much easier. Guides can be hired through the rickshaw drivers.

The Gateway

Vrindavan is situated 150 km south of Delhi and the nearest train station from this sacred town is Mathura which is only 20 minute away by rickshaw. It is 50 km away from Agra and it lies on the Golden Triangle for the tourist Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Food in Vrindavan

MVT restaurant is the only place where tourist can get fast food. It is situated behind the ISKCON temple. From organic fresh salads to pasta everything is available here. There is another restaurant which is at the back of ISKCON temple where people can get high quality vegetarian food. All kinds of cuisines from Italian to Chinese to South Indian are served here. Talking about beverages, every tourist must try lassi, which is a yogurt based shake and the jal jeera. These two are the specialties of Vrindavan.

For lodging purpose, the MVT guest house is certainly the best place to stay. It has the facilities of cold and hot waters for 24 hours, air conditioner and heaters, 24 hours electricity with a generator. Not to mention the food and other facilities are quite great too. Yamuna Dham and Bharti Guest House are also pretty good places to stay at. Bhakti Dham behind ISKCON temple is another great place to stay though it is a bit expensive compared to Yamuna Dham and Bharti guest house. Talking about hotels, there are three hotels called The Shubham, Hotel Basera and Kridha Residency which are pretty good for staying too. There is a 100% veg restaurant called Dasaprakash in Kridha Residency hotel.

Things to Remember

All tourists need to remember a few important things while visiting Vrindavan. Like every other Hindu holy town Vrindavan is a town of insane chaos. Visitors are requested to be careful about the donation scam which can happen during a guided tour. If anyone feels uncomfortable during these demands for donation, the person should immediately walk out from that place. Another thing which might concerns the tourists are the monkeys which are quite crafted in stealing cameras and glasses, strange as it may sound. Keeping these things in mind the tourists can stay safe and also enjoy the Vrindavan experience as a whole.
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