Shopping in Vrindavan

Vrindavan - the land where Krishna, the one and the only Lord, spent his childhood in Vrindavan - is one of the holiest places in Indian sub-continent. There are plenty of markets that have shops selling idols of Radha Krishna, religious artifacts and their costumes and pictures in this holy town.

Religious Shopping in Vrindavan

The biggest bazaar that Vrindavan has is the main market called the ‘Loi Bazar’ which is virtually a shoppers delight. It is a unique experience. The sounds, the sights, the fragrances, all transport one to the old world charm of the tiny towns of yore. The colourful wares displayed traditionally attract the shopper almost magnetically. The shops are a treasure trove of antiques, precious and semi precious, Handcrafted artifacts besides innumerable items that can be purchased once they may catch ones eye.

If on the one hand, there are brass ‘dias’ or lamps to attract an individual and lure him or her into buying some such beautiful piece of home decor or personal use. On the other hand, there maybe several tiny outlets displaying old books, discarded artifacts in brass, silver, copper and bronze. As also various types of fabrics and items of clothing. The narrow lanes and colourful awnings stretching out into the street are arranged with a range of spell binding products.

Alongside these wonderful wares are also several shops selling delectable street food, finger food, preserved and semi-preserved products like ‘Sharbat’, ‘Papad’ and many more mouth-watering concoctions.

Traditional Wares at Vrindavan Bazaars

The Radha Dhiraj Bazaar is the central market place for the purchase of traditional bangles. Bangles symbolize the marital status of the Indian women and are also favored in a number of hues by the unmarried and married ladies of various religions, age groups, socio-economic backgrounds and geographical locations. Bangles in glassware, lac, metal ware, wire work, wood work, plastic and shells and bones can be found adorning in the many shops of this bazaar. Many young girls can be seen trying on these colorful bangles in a multitude of combinations that adorn their wrists and tinkle with various embellishments.

The ‘Chatta Bazaar’, the crowded ‘Bengali Ghat’ alongwith the ‘Chowk’ are all places of attractive products offering the shopper hours of pleasureable shopping time picking up small pieces of memories from here and there. As the shopper perambulates at a leisurely pace through these winding lanes, the bazaars unfold before them vistas of resplendent goods that range from expensive alabaster and marble idols encrusted with precious and semi-precious gems to inexpensive rosary beads of ‘Tulsi’, ‘Rudraksh’ and ‘Chandan’ or ‘Sandalwood’.

Religious Products

The bazaars of Vrindavan offer a wide range of products that have religious significance and are linked to various levels of spirituality. These maybe a variety of ‘Ashthadhatu’ images of the Hindu pantheon, necklaces, braces and simple rosaries or prayer ‘malas’ in glass beads, wooden beads, or holy beads like ‘Tulsi’, Rudraksh’ or ‘Chandan’. Then they are also a number of shops selling paintings, portraits and sculptures depicting ‘Lord Krishna’, ‘Radha’ and the ‘Gopis’ besides various scenes from the ‘Rasleela’ as well as the childhood episodes of ‘Nand Gopal’ or ‘Lord Krishna’.

The bazaars of Vrindavan are attractive enough for the shopper to loose himself in their marvelous wares.
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