Braj ki Holi

Mathura and its surrounding areas are mostly known for their vibrant culture and celebrations of festivals. They celebrate several festivals associated with Krishna and Radha with great zeal and energy. The holy of Braj is famous all around India. The Braj holi celebration starts from the Phalgun Amavasi all around the villages near Braj including Mathura and Vrindavan. This festival comes to its peak at the time of Ekadashi. The areas of Braj and nearby are know for the activities of Krishna during his childhood with Gopis and Radha. He also used to graze his cows near these places.

Holi in Braj

There are several songs that are of special importance at this time of Holi and creates an environment of devotion and singing all around Braj. Artists singing and doing dramas are dressed in traditional costumes and use classic language for the songs and dramas. This festival is of color, therefore, Braj is covered with colors specially its roads, people's face and houses reflect the happiness of this colorful festival. All the temples of Radha and Krishna are decorated with lighting and colorful materials. They have special celebrations where several Radha and Krishna dramas are undergone by artists reflecting the activities of Krishna.

Braj encompasses the areas of several surrounding villages such as Gokul, Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana and Nandagaon. All these villages together form the holy place of Braj and have important place in the Hindu mythology. At this time people are very delightful and are filled with colors all around along with devotional songs. There is a difference in celebration of Holy at this place than the whole of India.

Dance and dramas at holiTourist visit these places highly in number at the time of Holi. The areas attracting visitors most are the areas of Barsana, Nandagaon and Phalen. There is a lighting of fire at every place that commemorate the success and victory of good acts over the evil activities. There is also a trend of acting the drama of Holika and Prahlad on this special occasion. There is a trend that the priests of the Braj walk through this lighted fire of Holy and success in coming out without any damage.

The unique style of celebrating the Holy in Braj is known for the Lath mar Holi. This trend has emerged at the time of Krishna when he used to play Holi with Gopis in a prank manner and Gopis in return become aggressive and respond in same manner. There is a special tradition where people of the village Nandgaon becomes "gops" and raid the village Barsana, they try to reach the temple of Radhika and host their flag which reflect their victory, however, the women of Barsana try to stop these people from doing the same and they deal with them with long bamboo sticks. People do not retaliate and protect their body by covering it properly. This is celebrated with great zeal and the same act is again repeated by the men of Barsana and women of Nandgaon has to defend them from reaching the temple of Shriji.

Therefore, the holi in Braj is celebrated with joy, happiness and in a friendly environment, which includes various dramas related to Krishna's time and several devotional songs of Holy are popular and are performed by people of these areas.
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