Ashrams in Vrindavan

List of Famous Ashrams in VrindavanVrindavan, a part of the well known district Mathura, is one of the renowned religious spots of the world and is famous for its holiness and serenity. The city is famous for the eternal presence of the god Krishna and goddess Radha who were supposed to be here in their childhoods. The place is filled with numerous jewel places and renowned temples. Some of the places carrying religious importance include the Nanda Maharaj, Vrindu Kunda, Govardhan, Radha Kund and many more.

Among them Govardhan is very famous for its religious significance. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Krishna once held it on his little finger in order to save the villagers from the trauma of Lord Indra. This city signifies the eternal and divine love of Lord Krishna and her beloved Radha. One must definitely visit this place at least once in a life time and get mesmerized by its divinity and serenity.

The city is filled with many attractive and comforting hotels and resorts or ashrams to provide a good accommodation to the tourists. Here is a list of few of the tempting and impeccable ashrams of the city along with their addresses and respective phone numbers.

The Brij View

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Address: 9th floor, Brij Dham Apartments
Keshav Dham Road, Near Madakini, Opp. Prem Mandir
Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh-281121
Contact:+91 7417760084 / 9811330067
Email: [email protected]

Sharanagati Ashram in Vrindavan
Raman Reti, Chhatikara Road
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.:8477050002

Jaisiyaram Trading Company
Shri Bindhu Sewa Sansthan, Ram Nagar
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: 9897042374, 9997710000

Shri Balaji Ashram
Raman Reti
Phone no.: (0565) 6533465, 6533464

Shanti Sewa Dham
Chhatikkara, near Vaishno Devi Mandir, Vrindavan Road
Vrindavan – 281121
Phone no.: 7351112221, 7351113331

Shri Radhe Shyam Ashram
Sant Colony, Parikrama Marg
Vrindavan -281121
Phone no.:9837888987, (0565) 2540283, 2540197

Maa Vaishno devi Ashram
Chhatikara, Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.:9997000604

Mohyal Ashram
22-26, Ashram Vihar, Chatikara Road
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: (0565) 2913163

Fogla Ashram
Main Bazar, Ramanreti, Chatikaar Road
Vrindavan -281121
Phone no.: (0565) 2540489

Sudama Kutiya
Main Bazar, Banshidhar
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: 9219880111

Manav Seva Sangh
Opposite to R.K. Mission, Mathura Road
Vrindavan -281121
Phone no.: (0565) 2443181, 2442778

Shri Jagganath Temple & Ashram
Main Bazar, Prakrama Marg
Vrindavan -281121
Phone no.: 9897741898

Gopal Priya Ashram Vrindavan
59-60 Parikarama Marg, Bhamaha Ghat
Vrindavan -281121
Phone no.:9568303233

Shri Gopal Dham Ashram
Raman Reti, Sant Colony
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.:9412728195, 9720289861

Shri Jai Ram Ashram
Shyam Bagh, Raman Reti
Vrindavan -281121
Phone no.: (0565) 2540055

Shri Bhagwat Kripa Nikunj
Raman Reti Road
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: 9837008073

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Bhaktanand Ashram
Parikrama Marg, Sant Colony
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: (0565) 2540066

Ram JI Bye Ashram
8 Hanuman Bagh, Raman Reti Road
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: 9927571992

Shri Radha Kripa Ashram
102 Atalla Chungi, Gaushala Nagar
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.:9012162251, 9258389385

Govind Ashram
Radha Nivas, Mathura Road
Vrindavan – 281121
Phone no.: (0565) 2455054

Maheshanand Sohan Ashram
Sant Colony
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: 8791127553

Shri Mad Bhagwat Dham Ashram
Old Kalidah, Parikrama Marg
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: 9837080244

Ramakrishna math & Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama
Swami Vivekananda Road
Vrindavan – 281121
Phone no.: (0565) 2443310, 2442310

Vedant Ashram
Main Bazar, Tatiya Sthan Road
Vrindavan – 281121
Phone no.:9410616109

Shri Krishna Kripa Dham
Parikrama Marg, Sant Colony
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: (0565) 3206418, 32061106

Shri Ram Krishna Kunj
Raman Reti, Parikrama Marg
Vrindavan- 281121
Phone no.: 9634476268, 9675522168
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