Areas and Localities in Vrindavan

Vrindavan is a pilgrimage place from the ancient time for the devotees of Lord Krishna. People from entire India and world visit this town in search of peace of mind and eternal life. This town is the part of Mathura district and is 15 km away from it. This town is famous for its temples and the pilgrimage who visit throughout the year. There are around 5,000 temples in the town which are the center of attraction. Vrindavan is known for its vast forests, however, this is a small town and among the major pilgrimages in India which is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. This town is also famous for its festivals and at the same time it attracts huge population to enjoy the different styles of celebrating Hindu festivals like Holi, Janmashtami and Radhashtami.

Localities in Vrindavan

Vrindavan town can be divided on the basis of crowd and popularity. The geographically division of the town is not possible because of its small size and forests. There are both old and new temples which form the center of attraction for thousands of pilgrims every year. Vrindavan is small town, and therefore all the temples are located in the range of around few km connecting the major villages in Mathura district. The roads are narrow and lane, by-lane are the part of traveling which make it difficult for heavy population to travel at comfort on festive seasons. However, now, the initiatives are being taken by state government to broaden the roads to facilitate proper conveyance and routes to connect the entire .

Localities in Vrindavan

Yamuna river flows through Mathura and Vrindavan, because of this the area is fertile and best suited for agriculture. This is among the sacred rivers of India and is directly connected with Krishna's childhood period. Kesi Ghat is situated on the bank of this river where Krishna saved his friend and killed the demon Kesi. Taking bath on this Ghat has the special benediction associated with it and is said to purify the sins.

Vrindavan Parikrama: This is the main devotees walk around the town and covers the entire boundaries of the town connecting to all major neighbor villages of Govardhan where Krishna spend his childhood time. This is mainly conducted on Ekadasi, however, pilgrims can undertake the same at any time.

Loi Bazar is the famous shopping market where tourists visit to purchase devotional items and also other handicrafts, fruits, clothes, incenses, silver and diamonds products. This market is highly priced, however, when compared to the valuable products available here seems to be reasonable. This is the most crowded market in Vrindavan town.

Bankhandi is another place to visit in Vrindavan. This place is popularly known as Bankhandi Mahadev, because of the very famous temple of Mahadev. This place is surrounded by lots of other temples and is always the center of attraction for pilgrims in Vrindavan. Other residential places like Kanha Kunj, Gokul Dham and Rukmani Vihar are the newly developing areas for residential purposes.

Moreover, with the growth of population in the town there are several investors who are now taking active part in construction and providing affordable residential flats. People in the recent years are now very keen to live in this holy place. Thus, the requirement of new residential flats are increasing every year. Several projects are currently in progress all around Vrindavan and Mathura. However, for the visitors there are around 200 dharamsalas which provide simple accommodations to the pilgrimages, apart from ISKCON and MVT which provide high standard accommodation. Several new hotels are now opening every year and are equipped with all the basic accommodation facilities.
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