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One Day Trip from Vrindavan

As everyone in India knows the religious tourism place of the Hindus and how it is very famous for being the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan and Mathura, located 140 kms to the south of Delhi, are those two most important places according to mythology for the Hindus! Famous all over the world for its Hare Rama Hare Krishna religious preachers and followers, the numerous temples and holy activities in these places are noteworthy. There is a special one day getaway tour, amongst many other tours and packages for one or two days stay in Vrindavan, which offers a day full of strategic and historic places to visit and that too all near and around Mathura and Vrindavan!


Here are the places which you can visit for a day as a getaway around Vrindavan.


Here, the birthplace of Lord Krishna has a lot to offer to its tourists and devotees who come to pay visit to the mesmerizing Lord and his temple year round. Apart from being famous as Krishna’s birthplace from the mythological stories, Mathura, which is just 60 kms north from Agra, also has a very famous Dwarkadhish temple, Yamuna’s Ghat, Mathura museum and even the Birla temple. Apart from the main city of Mathura there are quite a handful of tourist spots with religious importance all around the city and just a few hours or even minutes away!


There are a couple of temples in this city which is 95 kms from Delhi, are very well known and tourist often visit each one of them when they come to experience the religious tourism in the region of the Hindu Lord; every place, city or Ghat in and around Mathura and Vrindavan have their own small story contributing to Lord Krishna’s life. Very beautiful landscape of the Ghats, temples extending till the bank of River Yamuna and arched gateways are waiting for you at Braj. Besides, from Vrindavan, your one day getaway just got a lot easier to plan!

Nand Gaon

Temple in Nand Gaon The village where Lord Krishna’s relatives resided is also one of the tourist attractions and travelers often cover it in their one day or weekend getaway from Vrindavan main city as it is only 32 kms away from Mathura. Also known as the village in the lap of the hill, quite a few temples in this region are sought after by tourists all over the world and one such temple is the one that is dedicated to Nanda Rai, oldest of the lot and the construction was taken care by Raja Roop Singh.

A tank that has masonry ghats along its sides is the Pan Sarovar that is at Nand Gaon and is also one of the worth seeing tourist sites. You can now visit the same Ghat that Lord Krishna did to graze with his cattle and relax!


It is the childhood place of Lord Krishna, the one where he was bought up with love and affection of the entire town then and is only 16 kms away from the city of Mathura. Many of Lord Krishna’s relics can still be found in the places that Gokul features and Nath Ji is one of the most important temples out there. Festivals like Janmashtami, Annakut and Trinvit Mela are celebrated pompously in this region and extravagantly so in case you are looking for the best time of the year then here is your ideal booking time. Raman Reti is yet another place in Gokul that has innumerable visits from the Devotees of Lord Krishna all year round and as the name suggests, the place is famous as a pitful of sand or even an entire area you may say where tourists roll in the sand to seek blessings.


Goverdhan Parwat
Kusum Sarovar, Radha Kund and the mighty famous story of the Govardhan Mountain being lifted by the Lord will all come to life here at Govardhan, 26 kms to the west of Mathura. Also famous for its Holy Govardhan hill and quite a few well known temples like the Haridev Mandir, Mukharbind and Daan-Ghati Mandir, the town of Gokul is very realistically built and well remembered for Lord Krishna and his past and for that, a 21 km long Parikrama of this hill is also conducted in the tour to this city! A close-ended lake called Manasi-Ganga is also famous amongst its devotees and on the bank of this lake are quite a few temples and a marketplace that attracts tourists in the town to the lake side!


The tourist place that saw the union of two divine souls, Lord Krishna and Radha and ever since is famous for being their marriage place is the small town of Bhandiravan that has much secrets of its own. Apart from the historic and mythological importance, not much is known about Bhandiravan but tourists who do visit Mathura and Vrindavan are sure to take a little detour to go see this place. Who knows, maybe the Radha Krishna epic love stories might rub off on you and if not that, at least it’s a rejuvenating and relaxing time in your trip!


Another place that one can visit to see the birthplace of Lord’s better-half and her birthplace and being just 45 kms away from Mathura, it is home to many well-known Iskcon temples. Surrounded by hills from all four sides, this is the birthplace of Radha, the lady whom Lord Krishna never married and earlier the place was called Brahmsarin after a myth behind it. The myth was that Lord Brahma had asked Lord Krishna to spend time on Earth and before he agreed, Lord Krishna asked Lord Brahma to take the form of a hill in return and the four hills surrounding Barsana are said to represent the four heads of Lord Brahma; hence the original name Brahmsarin!


Taj Mahal in AgraOne of the historical famous and monumentally filled cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh is Agra, just 73 kms from Vrindavan and more than worth a visit for a lot of stories from the past that now remain here in the form of structures or monuments.

No other historical monument is as admired and loved as the Taj Mahal built in Agra by Shah Jahan, in the memory of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal which sits on the northern side of this beautiful city. Sikander’s tomb and Agra fort are other such monuments that hold similar historic stories and will be enroute the journey from Vrindavan to Agra’s favorite tourist site, the Taj Mahal! When it comes to shopping and bringing back souvenirs, this lush green city has an array of handicraft items made from softstone inlay work and marble; the zari and embroidery work and Agra’s favorite handicraft work on leather, brassware, carpets and jewellery is a must to see out here.

The climate here is not too cold and not too hot and that is why cotton clothing during summer and woolen clothes in the Winter seems like a convenient packing for any individual, but preferably travel during the months of November to February; the lightly chilly winds pass by you in your evening walks!

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Bharatpur Birding
Just 46 kms away from Vrindavan is the iconic city of Bharatpur which is famous all over the world for its variety of sightseeing places and moreover for just one simple yet elegant stop out there, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is also famous as the Keoladeo National Park which is home to thousands of highly endangered birds and rare species and over 230 species of birds are well known to have made this sanctuary their permanent residence. Filled with well-defined trails in the forest and boats available out there on hire, it is very easy to travel around the sanctuary spotting bird species on foot, a cycle or even a rickshaw and as far as the boat rides are concerned, early morning and evening would be the most appropriate timings for that!

This bird sanctuary remains open all through the year but it’s still preferable to visit in the months of August to November if one wants to spot the breeding birds or from October to February to get the best of the clicks of the migrating birds.

Apart from the beautiful bird sanctuary, the government museum of Bharatpur, the Palace which is a mixture of Mughal and Rajput architecture styles, the Deeg palace which is just 32 kms away from Bharatpur and many other such worth visiting tourist places are also awaiting travelers in Bharatpur.


Known as the city that bridges two different worlds together, the old Delhi and the now imperial city of New Delhi, the combined place now called Delhi is over a 144 kms away from the religious city of Vrindavan.

This city has been built and destroyed and then rebuilt in consistency by many of its rulers from the historic times and now whatever is left here are monuments that are more than beautiful even at the first sight. If anyone wishes to visit Delhi, it should be in the months of October to March as the climate is moderate and very supportive for travel and tourism then! The beautiful historic forts and other such monuments are a must visit out here and essentially, the Red Fort, India Gate, Lotus Temple, Jama Masjid, Akshardham and even Qutub Minar are all beautifully created in the past and still stand magnificently.

Newly build science centre and craft museums are also gaining amazing popularity amongst tourist and one might say Delhi is a one stop shop for historic sightseeing, new trend of structures, beautiful climate and delicious food; all in one place.

Reservations and Bookings

According to the number of people who are going to visit this one day tour from your family, specific accommodation hotels with or without AC units is made available for your comfort! Depending on the number of places you wish to visit nearby, the taxis or even AC taxis that some prefer, charge based on the distance and the number of tourist spots you visit and travelers always opt for these transportation guides rather than their own cars as for a one day getaway from Vrindavan it is much safer and sensible to choose the localites there to show you around!

For all those who wish to continue adventuring on this religious tourism on their own, local buses are available at the Mathura junction or you can even enjoy an auto-rickshaw ride around town!

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