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NGOs in Vrindavan

Vrindavan, one of the most significant pilgrimages of the Indian Hindu following is renowned the world over for its association with Lord Krishna who gave the code of conduct in his philosophical sermon in Bhagvad Gita. It invokes from mankind the dignity of selfless service. The ability to do ones duty without looking for equivalent results is the philosophy of ‘Karma’ advocated by Lord Krishna. Everything that one is living through is a resultant of what one may have done or is continuing to do in the present life or has already done in lives one has lived before his current birth. The sum total of what one has done is carefully balanced and weighed and whatever one may get as rewards provokes piety, gratitude and homage from the individual.

NGOs for Women in Vrindavan

Voluntary effort is the essence of the teachings of Lord Krishna as he had advocated Arjun to selflessly do his ‘Karma’ and be a ‘Karmayogi’. He should not be bothered about the results but should carry on working for the good of others as much as he is able to and to the extent his heart desires. Much of the voluntary effort in Vrindavan stems for the activities of various NGOs in Vrindavan. These NGOs are welfare organizations with aims and objectives centred on all kinds of activities for supporting the poor and destitute through providing food, shelter and clothing which are the three basic essentials of every individual.

Differently Oriented NGOs

When one thinks of the huge magnitude of work being accomplished by NGOs in the world one sees for example the largest NGO, the United Nation, which in itself is a voluntary organization for trouble shooting all over the world. NGOs in Vrindavan have a number of aims and objectives which they translate into activities for the welfare, care and upkeep of their target populations. Some of the NGOs are Government-oriented NGOs or GONGOs as they are dependent upon the governmental grants and dole that is given to them on an annual or periodic basis for conducting a particular set of functions which they do regularly besides maintaining themselves.

Then there are the donor-oriented NGOs or the DONGOs who are dependent upon the charitable donations of their patrons. They either have a regular set of donors who make annual or periodic contributions for a number of activities while there may be other donors who may make large donations or even leave legacies for the welfare and upkeep of their several beneficiaries who may include orphans, destitute women, youth, elderly or even the sick and infirm.

There are also the NGOs that work only in areas of skill building or training the beneficiaries that they are committed to work with. The skills imparted are to enable the beneficiaries attain some semblance of economic empowerment and this would also enable the poorest among them to regain their self esteem and establish their self worth especially among the destitute women and widows of the city.

Activities taken up by NGOs in Vrindavan

There are a number of activities being taken up by the NGOs placed all over the holy city. Some of them are attached to the many large and small temples of the holy city while there are also a substantial number that have been established by philanthropists who have been interested in doing their bit of the good Samaritan work and going on. Then there are NGOs that have risen out of the need of the city and still other NGOs that are branches of NGOs abased elsewhere but seeing the need for extending their work decided to set up their offices in Vrindavan as well. Almost all of them are doing exemplary work. However, the methodology and modus operandi of each NGO is different regarding the various activities it is conducting.

The activities being conducted by many of the voluntary organizations centre on:

Distribution of Food

Either in the raw, uncooked for or the cooked form as a meal. The various organizations have taken up the task of supplying food to a number of beneficiaries on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending upon their mandate which has been determined by the grants with which they are operating or the desire of the donor that they are serving at any particular time.

Distribution of Clothing

The NGOs work as per the directions of their donors, the availability of funds for any particular activity or the underlying principles on which they are working and which have been defined as their aims and objectives. Thus, the NGOs may take on the distribution of new clothes provided to them by corporate or business houses or even single affluent donors. Or they may even take up the re-distribution of used clothes that are in a good condition but are usable like saris, dresses and even blankets and household linen for their personal use.

Distribution of woolens, blankets utensils and other personnel effects like chappals, etc. Several of the NGOs get donations in several forms and these are distributed periodically among the beneficiaries at regular intervals. Especially on auspicious days and when there are some special celebrations at hand the NGOs tend to join the two events and make it a memorable occasion for the several beneficiaries including orphans, destitute women and the elderly and the infirm who are giving handsome gifts that are both useful and a welcome change for the ordinary.

Distribution of benefits accrued from the government in the form of pension, ‘antyodaya’ food grains distribution or such similar programs.

Conducting health camps, health check-ups and provision of free medication at various locations in a camp setting with the availability of all medical facilities to help serve the beneficiaries to the best they can. There are eye check up camps and cataract operation camps besides the dental, ENT and skin care camps that enable the beneficiaries to get amelioration from various symptoms that may be afflicting them.

Unending Work of NGOs in Vrindavan

There are a number of activities being taken up by the NGOs in Vrindavan and they are doing these functions with the greatest devotion and sincerity. However, there is tremendous scope for more work to be done as the number of beneficiaries already available in the holy city and the influx of many more virtually every day is creating a situation where a lot more voluntary work is indicative to be able to take care of the innumerable people wanting to be taken care of in Vrindavan. The single largest task is to keep the orphans and the widows off the streets of Vrindavan and well fed ad well cared for.

NGOs have been known to enjoy a high degree of community or public trust and that is the reason why they continue in the same population that they have been working in since ages as they have become an established and recognized entity in that particular area. They are participatory, service oriented, empowering, charitably oriented organizations. They have also been called the Civil Society Organizations or the civil society in itself besides also being known as Community Based Organizations or CBOs. It goes without saying that they are voluntary, grassroots level workers with a non-profit orientation fro selfless service. Yet the funds required by them are for the many activities that they are instrumental in carrying out with the least cost and infrastructural and logistics inputs unlike other commercial organizations. Thus, many of the NGOs in Vrindavan have hosted their websites and have given explicit details of the kinds of activities they are taking up depending upon their singular commitment to their aims and objectives. Some of the NGOs are given in the list that follows.

Maitri: Project Jeevan at Vrindavan
Members: 18
Owner: Winnie S
Website: https://www.maitriindia.org

Sulabh International Vrindavan
Atalla Chungi, Gowshala Nagar
Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Sulabh Hope Foundation(SHF)
Atalla Chungi, Gowshala Nagar
Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Food for Life in Vrindavan
Sandipani Muni Secondary School
Burja Road, Chaitanya Vihar
Vrindavan- 281 121
Mathura District, U.P, India
Tel- 7895002902

Shri Mukund Charitable Trust
80G & 12A, 86, Baag Bundela
Vrindavan 281121, Distt Mathura
Uttar Pradesh, India
Email: shree_mukund@rediffmial.com, info@vrindavansmct.com
Tel: +91-565-2443939; Mobile: +91-9012335444, 9258773055; Fax: +91-565- 2443939

Institutions under the above organization:

  • Shri Mukund Sewa Sansthan (Care for Handicapped)
  • Shri Mukund Mahila Sadan (Care & Shelter for Helpless and Poor Women)
  • Shri Mukund Apna Ghar (Old Age Home)
  • Shri Mukund Gau Sadan (Shelter for cows)

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