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Restaurants in Vrindavan

Food Joints in VrindavanHaving a meal in Vrindavan has changed from what it used to be a decade or so back; but the city still gives you the best opportunity to try out Indian street food. Today, restaurants in Vrindavan not only offer traditional Vrindavan style ‘satvik’ food, but also serve the North Indian, South Indian as well as international cuisines. While there are umpteen choices for the new age devotee to try in Vrindavan, one should never miss the sweet lassi and peda (Indian sweets) available at most of the restaurants in Vrindavan.

There are plenty of options in terms of restaurants in Vrindavan and while most of them are located near the Banke Bihari Temple, there are certain other bylanes of the city which are the host to the sumptuous and delectable food as well. Though a moderate semi urban city, Vrindavan has a perfect blend of different range of restaurants within the same city. There is something that for everyone’s budget – there are both moderate restaurants, inexpensive restaurants as well as street side restaurants. While the food at these restaurants is all delicious, everyone would have a favourite, when they come and try out the restaurants in Vrindavan. Some of the popular restaurants in Vrindavan which everyone should try are:

Vrinda Foods
Near Hari Nikunj Chauraha
Raman Reti Road, Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565- 3244456

Bharti Foods Sweets & Restaurant in Vrindavan
Hanuman Bagh, Near Harinikund Chauraha
Raman Reti Road, Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565-3293580

Shere Panjab Dhaba
Vidya Peeth Chowk, Main Bazar,
Gandhi Marg, Vrindavan – 281121
Phone no.: 9997106427

MVT Restaurant Vrindavan
Behind Krishna Balaram Mandir,
Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565- 540050

Sagar Ratna Reataurant
Main Bazaar, Vidhya Peeth Chauraha
Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 9720023008

Dasaprakash Restaurant
Kridha Residency, Raman Reti, Near Axis Bank,
Nandanvan, Chattikara Road, Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565- 2540151

Basera Restaurant
C/O Hotel Basera, Oppopsite Fogla Ashram
Raman Riti Road, Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 7500022277

Naivaidyam Restaurant
C/O Hotel Shubham Holidays, Near Vidyapeeth Crossing
Gandhi Road, Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565- 6453299

Krishna Balaram Restaurant
Raman Reiti, Bhaktivedant Marg
Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565- 2540343

Sagar Restaurant
Main Market, Vrindavan
Madan Mohan Ghera, Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 9219203365

Shri Rang Laxmi Restaurant
Opp Bank Of Baroda, Banke Bihari Road
Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 9358483021

Annapurna Bhojnalaya
Aheer Pada, Banke Bihari Road
Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 9258220210

Swastik Restaurant
C/O Shubham Hotel, Near Vidyapeeth Inter College
Vidyapeeth Crossing, Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565- 2456025
IFSC Code: SBIN0008189

Saras Restaurant
C/O Hotel Shubham Majesty, Near Vidyapeeth Crossing,
Gandhi Road, Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565- 6457088

Pankaj Restaurant
Main Market, Gopi Nath Market
Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 9997575087

Gokul Restaurant
Mathura By Pass Road
Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565- 2530310

Sharma Chaat Wale Catering Service
Purana Sheher, Near Bankey Bihari Police Chowki
Opposite Main Street Of Bankey Bihari Temple
Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 0565- 2443610

Saini Chat Bhandar
Chipi Gali, Opposite Ardh Khamba
Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 9219691570

Gaurang Bhojnalaya
Main Market, Vrindavan, Patthar Pura Tiraha
Vrindavan - 281121
Phone no.: 9634123583

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Comments / Discussion Board - Restaurants in Vrindavan

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    Piyush from Ambala 1380 Days ago

    i want to know that are there any chinese food restaurant in vrindavan city? do you have any idea?

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    Maheshfrom Vrindavan 1081 Days ago

    Ammaji's offers some Chinese dishes it is on the Parikrama Marg, near Atalla Chungi.

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    VrindavanOnline.in Expertfrom 1068 Days ago

    Go through this page to know about famous restaurants where you can also enjoy Chinese dishes.


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